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Overview Lesson (in Hindi)
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Navneet Kaur
Plus Educator@Unacademy, M.phil(CS) from LPU, Jalandhar, GNDU, Amritsar, University merit scholar, Love to read books &Travel

Unacademy user
madam please make it in English version also.
Navneet Kaur
5 months ago
Sure will try soon
  1. WORLD HISTORY: World after WWi Presented by: Navneet Kaur

  2. About Me: Verified &Star Educator @Unacademy . Summary of Ancient Indian history M.phil(CS) from LPU, Jalandhar from GNDU, Amritsar by RS Sharma : part 1,2,3 Summary of Class 11 Ncert: Fine University merit scholar UPSC Aspirant Interests: Readin Books,Music,Cooking Follow me: Arts by Nitin Singhania Satish Chandra : part 1,2,3 Bipan Chandra : Part 1,2,3,4 e Summary of Indian Art & Culture Summary of Medieval India by Sipam ah ntdxadgarlndhy aur Post Independence History . Rate,Review,Recommend and Share e World History for UPSC . Courses on PSIR

  3. Targetted For Upsc Aspirants State Psc Aspirants Any other Government Exam Aspirants

  4. Topics Covered in previous courses Feudalism The Church . The Changing Towns Attitudes ofthe Allied Powers and Peace e Treaties. Impact of WWi. League of Nations. Modern Era Global War American Revolution . French Rvolution and The Napoleonic Wars . Nationalism: Rise & Impact. - Unification of Germany and Italy. Industrial Revolution - Colonialism and its History. . Colinilization .New Imperialism. . Colinialism in Afria, Pacific, Central and Western Asia, China. Imperialist Japan, Usa World in 1914. Major events before WWi.

  5. Topics to cover in this course World from 1919-23. . Events after 1929. France-Germany relations (1919-33) . Britain-USSR Relations (1919-33) USSR-Germany Relations (1919-33) USSR-France Relationship (1919-33) US Foreign Policy (1919-23) . International Relations (1933-9)