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Overview : Indian Political Thought : Ancient
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Overview Lesson to the Course on Indian Political Thought : Ancient

Sandesh Bhingarde
Love reading books, learning new skills, Participating in Social Activities, listening music, trekking & gardening.

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Hey, Great lesson on model organisms, was fun to go through all of the ones you covered and to see some of the greatest discoveries in biology and chemistry are from work on these organisms. After seeing the final model organism (mouse), I got curious if cats or dogs have been used as model organisms sometime. Just like the mouse, cats and dogs have co-habited with humans for a very long time and there are plenty of them around too. If you could shed some light on the status of Cats and dogs as model organisms in another lesson that would be fun to watch. Please make a short lesson on this topic.
Sir, can you make some videos about the different constitutions of different countries?
then what will i write if the question is write the main features of ancient indian political thought (15marks)
Hi Prithwis Ghosh, Please check next lesson of same course. I have given main points you can elaborate while answering :)
sir , can you tell me some good books for political thought ( western and indian ) ?
  1. NDIAN POLITICAL THOUGHT: ANCIENT - Sandesh Bhingarde > M. A. Political Science from IGNOU > UPSC CSE Aspirant > Social Activities Love Reading & Teaching Rate, Review & Recommend Ask Queries Destroy Doubts Contribute to Unacademy Let's Study-)

  2. Where will you find it? Political Science & International Relations Optional >> Paper 1 >> Part A General Studies Paper 1 History Optional Paper Government Exams

  3. Objectives: To get introduced with Indian Political Thoughts Ancient Detailed study of ; Kautilya, Manu & their theories Analysis & building our own ideas Enhancing answer writing skills

  4. Thank you!