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Overview : Indian Political Thought : Ancient
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Overview Lesson to the Course on Indian Political Thought : Ancient

Sandesh Bhingarde
Love reading books, learning new skills, Participating in Social Activities, listening music, trekking & gardening.

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then what will i write if the question is write the main features of ancient indian political thought (15marks)
Hi Prithwis Ghosh, Please check next lesson of same course. I have given main points you can elaborate while answering :)
sir , can you tell me some good books for political thought ( western and indian ) ?
  1. NDIAN POLITICAL THOUGHT: ANCIENT - Sandesh Bhingarde > M. A. Political Science from IGNOU > UPSC CSE Aspirant > Social Activities Love Reading & Teaching Rate, Review & Recommend Ask Queries Destroy Doubts Contribute to Unacademy Let's Study-)

  2. Where will you find it? Political Science & International Relations Optional >> Paper 1 >> Part A General Studies Paper 1 History Optional Paper Government Exams

  3. Objectives: To get introduced with Indian Political Thoughts Ancient Detailed study of ; Kautilya, Manu & their theories Analysis & building our own ideas Enhancing answer writing skills

  4. Thank you!