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Overview (in Hindi)
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Overview of the course, Gate Syllabus and about the Educator.

Ravi Singh Choudhary
Director Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation

Unacademy user
I am from Lovely Professional University , Ma'am thank you for your such and simple language tutorial ma'am mujhe pehle kuch bhi nhi ata tha par aap k videos dekhne k baad inko samjh na bahut hi easy hay aur may abhi aptitude kr pata hu
Harpreet Kaur
a year ago
That's very good.... keep it up and thanks for your appreciation... 😊
nice sir ........sir aur conduction aur convction bhe video daal dijiye
ok anish
nice sir ........sir aur conduction aur convction bhe video daal dijiye
nice sir ........sir aur conduction aur convction bhe video daal dijiye
  1. Thermal Radiation By Ravi Singh Choudhary

  2. About me: Mechanical technologist in PSU @Ranchi, Jharkhand Gate Qualified with 809 score in 2015 BTech. from BIT Sindri, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 2k11-2k15 A mechanical engineer that can sing

  3. Gate Syllabus; Thermal Radiation Stefan-Boltzmann law Wien's displacement law Black and grey surfaces v View factors V Radiation network analvsis

  4. Electromagnetic Spectrum Energy emitted by matter (in the form of electromagnetic wave or photon) as a result of the changes in the electronic configurations of the atoms or molecules. These waves travel at the speed of light in vacuum. gamma ray ultraviolet infrared radio X-ray visible microwave shorter wavelength higher frequency higher energy longer wavelength lower frequency lower energy

  5. Rule 3: The symmetry rule Four walls are surface 2, 3, 4 and 5 F12 = F13 = F14-F15(Symmetry rule) F11 0(Why?) F11 F12+ F13+F14F15 1(Summation rule) F12 F13 F F10.25 (Algebra) 2 Pyramid of Giza Floor is surface 1 (say) F13 = F14 = F15 = 0.25(Algebra)

  6. Radiation fluxes Emissive Irradiation Radiosity power (E) 0) Emitted (E) J Emitted + Reflected Irradiation (G) Reflected (pG) Absorbed (aG) + + =1 (if body is opaque) = from kirchhoff's law

  7. Solution: bl T,=1000 K Black Insulated 13 23 (J3 Ep3) e, = 0.7 T,=600 K EnE b2 bl b2 0, R12 R13R2 22 23

  8. Post-lecture question Every topic covered mentioned in the Gate Syllabus in lucid manner hank Graphics used in Illustrations by Ravi Singh Choudhary