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Overview (in Hindi)
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Pranav Pundarik
I teach exactly what you need🎯 Cleared NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and JEE. Explore the courses, enjoy, understand and excel in Biology❤️

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fantastic sir 🤗👍👌
Hari Singh Rajput
8 months ago
Thank you
sir please organic chemmestry pe cource banao
sir , ur ' about me ' really inspires me and frankly speaking , we r the luckiest one fr getting u s our guide . Being ur junior requesting u plzz don't call the stories ' Dukhbhari '.🙏🙏nd apologise if u dislike my comment .
parnav sir,,, koi esshi trick btaiye jishne inh Sare genetic ke scientist ke name yad ho jaye,,,, itte sare h yad hi nhi rhte,,, plz kuch to btao,,
Sir Plzzz provide pdf file of it
sir do I need to remember all the codons and their amino acid or simply the stop codon:UAA,UAG,UGA and start codon:AUG sir what type of questions can come from this ropic i.e genetic code.....

  2. * About me: A student studying BIO MEDICAL ENGINEERING at NIT ROURKELA. Oh ! Dear, my passion bought me here. Biophysics research enthusiast. e Qualified AMS (Couldn't make it to AlIMS Delhi ) Scored 554 in NEET *168 in JEE MAINS And ya, My name, Pranav Pundarilk

  3. The most interesting chapter if you are interested on how Human works. DNA, Human Genome to be precise is to be discussed in detail. Process underlying how you grow, how your characters are e Why you are as you are Marks fetching part for AlIMS, JIPMER and also NEET.

  4. OVERVIEW OF THE COURSE * Brief developmental history e Human Genome Some famous benchmark Experiments DNA replication RNA world Central Dogma Transcription and Translation e Lac Operon DNA Finger printing and Human GenomeProject

  5. STAY TUNED....