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Overview (in Hindi)
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This is an overview lesson for the upcoming course.It consists of the details of the topics that the lessons are going to contain and what all will be covered in this course.

Yuvraj Singh Rathore
Btech in ECE,IIT-JEE Mentor, Qualified JEE,VITEEE,IPUCET, SRMJEE,love listening to music and playing cricket.

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  1. Myself - Yuvraj Singh Rathore Education-Btech in ECE. Secured 92% marks in PCM(12th CBSE) About me - Loves to teach,play volleyball and cricket. Rate, Review and recommend Follow me on unacademy for regular updates

  2. Sequence, series and progression Definition of sequence, series and progression. Types of progression. Definition of arithmetic progression. Standard appearance of arithmetic progression General rule for sequence to be A.P. Examples.

  3. Sum of n terms of A.P. Formula. Important properties and some important note points. Examples based on important properties.

  4. GP, HP and AGFP Definition of GP. Properties of GP Definition of HP. Properties of HP. AGP and its properties. Relation between AM,GM and HM.