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Overview (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we are going to discuss abour overall overview of this course

Amit Avasthi
Computer Science Engineer (AKTU) Online Teaching Experiance of 1 year , AFCAT 1/2018 (Written) Youtuber with over 49000+ Subscribers

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thank you sir.. can you please make a video on carnatic wars in details ...
  1. unacademy Modern Indian History Course-1 Rise of East India Company in India) For- UPSC CSE, SSC and Other Similar Exams By Amit Avasthi

  2. About me- Completed (Compter Science and Engg.) From AKTU, Uttar Pradesh Civil Service Aspirant * Youtuber with More than 36K+ Subscribers 1 Year Experience of Online Education. Educator-Unacademy Hobbies-Football, Making some DIY stuff. And Sketching Please do RATE, REVIEW, RECOMMEND and SHARE my Courses i. You can follow me Amit Avastai

  3. Syllabus Lesson-1: Fall of Mughal Dynasty .Lesson-2 Arrival of Various European Companies Lesson-3 : War of Supremacy among European Companies Lesson-4 : Rise and Expansion of East India Company Amit Avastai

  4. LAHORE LAHORE LAHORE DELHI . BENARAS BENARAS BENARAS CALCUTTA CALCUTTA BOMBAY BOMBAY BOMBAY POONA BAY OF BENGAL BAY O ENGAL AY OF GOA GOA GOA MYSORE MADRAS MADRAS MADRAS Area under the British Rule Area not under the British Rule Area under the British Rule Area not under the British Rule Area under the British Rule Area not underthe Britsh Rule CEYLON OCEAN OCEAN OCEAN Over a period of 100 years Amit Avagtai

  5. Kashmitr TIRET Bhutan . End with BT6 Raiput 1818 1857 Mutiny ENGAI 843 Lower 1 D ECG A N Bay of Benzal The Mughal Empire, Maratha Federation and the growth of British territory under the East India Companyin India up to the start of the Indian Mutiny erobad a Vanam Extent of Mughal empee by arly 1700 rhry 180 Brcsh gains by s838 Britsh ga 1831 dite gained by Britain Cochin Travancore Ceylon Amit Avastli Coree 1798

  6. hanks unacademy Next Course - Economic Impact of British Rule Please Rate, Review and Recommend Amit Avastai