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Overview (in Hindi)
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Vishal Vivek
IIT-JEE & NEET EDUCATOR, Verified educator, Star educator, Plus educator, Specialisation in INORGANIC chemistry. IIT-JEE, NEET, JIPMER and

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Respected mam, this lesson should be bi language.
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
I will try to cover these lessons in both english and Hindi: )
Kunal vyas
2 years ago
Thank you mam
sir ..apne all topics to cover hi nhi kiye??plz conver all the topics..
v nice video u r doing great job sir
v nice video u r doing great job sir
sir give me note please
  1. Inorganic FOR IIT JEE & NEET Chemical-Bonding vishal vivek IITmentor for inorganic Vishal Tiwari Chemistry Expert

  2. 7:49 PM unacademy Vishal Vivek Tiwari Follow IIT-JEE (2015) Qualified. I have specialisation in INORGANIC chemistry. KOTA faculty. 3,000Views in last 30 days N 9,490 Lifetime Views 4 Courses 521 Followers Following INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Open in app

  3. CHEMICAL Bo NDING STRONG1 BOND nleak Bond on ic bond coval ent Bond cCordinate varder wal Bon d Bond orce Lonic ->O Formation of Tonic Bond Bond (2 Born Haber ycle (3) Properties of Tonic Compound Solubility C Isomorphism) HydYation Energy(Mobility, Conductivity , Size of Hydrated o p G Folan's Rule COVALENT > O Formation Covalent Bond ordinate cordinate Bond Bond and formation 3 properties of covalent/cordinate Bond ropes o Carbon diarnond 5) Lewis theory ( Lewic Dot tructure) G Resonance (stability o Resonating Structure and cal culation ob Bond ordex) Formal charge (B) Valence Bond Theory (yBT) Hybridi sation VSEPR Theory

  4. MOT Theor CCal culating Bond orde) 2 Back Bondin 43 Banana Bonding 4) Comparis o Bond Parameters C Bond angle, Bond lepth efe Bond ebergy 45 DRAGo's Rule (6 Dipole moment Secondary Bonds (weak Bond O vanderwall force Boiling Point auestionc 3 Hydrogen Bond 5 Inert pair effect