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Overview (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals about the overview of the course.

DEEPAK KUMAR is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

M. Tech in Power Electronics from NIT Trichy//AIR 758 in GATE 2019//Assistant Electrical Engineer//Preparing for UPSC IES.

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  1. MCQs on DC Machines(Part-1) (GATE-EE) DEEPAK KUMAR

  2. B.E. In Electrical Engineering From SSGI, BHILAI M.Tech in Power Electronics From NIT, TRICHY Scored Under 1000 Rank in GATE Several Times. Indian Engineering Services Aspirants.

  3. Target Audience Second and Third year EE Students GATE/IES Aspirants of EE Branch Student pursuing Masters in this area Important for other competitive examination like Metro, ISRO, and all state Government AE/JE Examination etc Anyone who wants to gain subject knowledge

  4. Objective To have a quick revise of all the important concepts. To know about the approach of solving MCQs quickly.

  5. Covering Lessons MCQs on EMF equation of DC machines MCQs on separately excited DC machines MCQs on DC shunt machines MCQs on DC series machines MCQs on DC compound machines Losses in DC machines VICQs on power flow in DC machines

  6. My Expectations If you are GATE/IES Aspirants then:- Do at least 5 question after completion of any Lesson. Solve Previous Year GATE/IES question regularly Revise Subject notes & watch the lecture regularly. Write the Online test series regularly. Believe in yourself.