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Overview (in Hindi)
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Pranav Pundarik is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pranav Pundarik
I teach exactly what you need🎯 Cleared NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and JEE. Explore the courses, enjoy, understand and excel in Biology❤️

Unacademy user
sir the lines which you said are motivating me alot Thank you for the lesson and those motivational lines
Amrit Lal
a year ago
Thank you for letting me know😊 Keep learning. keep growing 😊
sir structural organization in animals krwa do plz plz plz sir and bhaiya 😁
sir biodiversity pdao....hmko chahye bas ..jldi se😎😎
the title.. Sara jam chor ke dekhne ayi mai .. 🐘🎐😁😁
Bhavna Basnet
7 months ago
*kam .. thanks to autocorrect.. 😐
Pranav Pundarik
7 months ago
🤣arrre arre
sir biodiversity padhayi 🙏🙏
  1. Environmental Issues A lecture series by Pranav

  2. About your educator - Wahi, Blah, blah, blah! Voiceover says it!

  3. About the course Lets go, get into one of, ya kinda interesting if you love such things, but still, it is important as questions are being asked frequently! (Voiceover says the rest !)

  4. Some must follow rules to get the fullest from the course !!! ASK, ASK AND ASK as much as you can, all your queries will be answered Never ever hesitate to drop down your doubts in the comments or even you can message me at the app! Do not enjoy the lessons alone, connect your mates too!

  5. HAPPY LEARNING! STAY TUNED! Keep Practicing!