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Overview (in Hindi)
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An overview of the course and an important discussion on my new plus course- Complete Physics of Class 11th

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎

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as same as the killer Hindu current affairs. Madam your playing a vital role in all my preparation. thank you 1s again madam
compound microscope Objective lense :- Forms a real inverted magnified image of the object it means, the object which is placed behind the 1st convex mirror is virtual & erect??????????? plzz...solve doubt....
Where is ray optics
mam plzz physics revision k liye test series strt kijiye...bht saare educators n chemistry ki start ki h ...aap plzz physics ki start kijiye
mam bahut bahut dhanyvad 🙏🙏 aap ke padhane se ham apna phy sub se love 💞ho gya hai and aap ka name tammana mujhe bahut achchha lagta hai 😀😀
both theory nd practice i want to registered
  1. Rainbow, Scattering and Optical instruments By-Tamanna

  2. Overview of the course 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Rainbow and it's types Theory of colors and scattering of light The human eye, disorders and corrections Simple Microscope Compound Microscope Telescope- Simple, Terrestrial and Reflecting VERY IMPORTANT PRACTICE QUESTIONS

  3. About the Plus course- Aims at preparing students to get 100% questions right from Class 11 Physics in NEET-2019 I. 2. Every point/question/information given in NCERT will be taken care o Register in the course and say bye to Physics-phobia You can take it as a crash course as well a revision course on the basis of your need 3. 4. 5. A low cost course in accordance with it's value. 6. ONLY FEW DAYS LEFT BEFORE THE REGISTERATION CLOSES