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Overview - General Science for SSC and RRB Exams (in Hindi)
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Overview -crash course in general science

Divashu Guleria

Unacademy user
Sir,I have this Confusion in the first step of this lesson in 3rd question c vectr x (c vectr+a vectr)This will be vanishd completely by zero Or even after opening it, there will be further calculations....... Because sir, c vectr x a vectr after opening it which can be further claculated......???? I hope u r getting me?🤔
Modasir hasan
10 months ago
Yes, you are correct.Only because sir had mistaken it his last value comes 0. If you solve it further that step comes 0+ c(vec)*a(vec) and in the end you get the same result which is given to be prove...
Adamya Adams
9 months ago
Yess sir has done calculation mistake I guess mine is also coming to be stp of abc which is to be proved...There are 3 terms left at last two will get cancelled one will be left
Yes sir has done calculation mistake.
  1. SCIENCE CLASS 6 NCERT Mock Test- 1 For Railways- RRB NTPC, RRB JE, SSC exams

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  3. Overview Chapter wise MCQs with explanation. Total Questions 27 Feedback will be appreciated. Rate , Review and Recommend

  4. 1. The colour of a substance changes to blue-black by addition of iodine solution indicates the presence of a) Starch b) Proteins c) Fats d) Vitamin C

  5. 2. Which colour indicates the presence of Proteins in Copper Sulphate +Caustic soda test? a) Red b) Black C) Pink d) Violet

  6. 3. Which of the following are energy-giving food? i. Carbohydrates ii. Fats iii. Vitamins a) Only i b) ii and iii c) i and ii d) i, ii and iii

  7. 4. Which of the following are body-building food? i. Carbohydrates ii. Proteins ii. Fats a) Only i b) ii and iii c) i and ii d) i, ii and iii

  8. 5. Which vitamin can our body make through sunlight? a) Vitamin A b) Vitamin B12 c) Vitamin B9 d) Vitamin D

  9. 6. Which of the following helps to get rid of undigested food? a) Carbohydrates b) Proteins c) Vitamins d) Dietary fibres

  10. 7. Beriberi is caused due to the deficiency of a) Vitamin B1 b) Vitamin B12 c) Vitamin C d) Vitamin B9

  11. Deficiency Vitamin/ Mineral disease/disorder Symptoms Poor vision, loss of vision in darkness (night), sometimes complete loss of vision Vitamin A Loss of vision Weak muscles and Vitamin Beriberi Bl very little energy to work Bleeding gums, wounds take longer time to heal Vitamin C Scurvy Bones become soft and bent Vitamin D Rickets Bone and tooth Weak bones, tooth decay Calcium decay Glands in the neck appear swollen mental disability in children Iodine Goiter Iron Anaemia Weakness

  12. 9. The process of separating Cotton fibres from the seeds by combing is known as: a) Separation b) Ginning c) Combing d) Spinning

  13. 12. The technique that separates a liquid from an insoluble solid by careful poring off the liquid is called a) Evaporation b) Filtration c) Decantation d) Distillation

  14. LeafVenation at How veins are arranged on the leaf pinnate reticulate palmate 3 main veins some Coanothus parallel

  15. 15. Waters coming out of leaves in the form of vapours is known as: a) Evaporation b) Transpiration c) Condensatiorn d) Respiration

  16. 16. The innermost part of flower: a) Sepals b) Petals c) Pistil d) Stamens

  17. 18. Author of 'Gait of Animals' a) Aristotle b) Robert Hook c) Robert Brown d) Charles Darwin

  18. 19. The adaption of a single organism to the change in environment over a small period of time is known as a) Assimilation b) Acclimatisation c) Adaptation d) Accentuatiorn

  19. 21. During night, Plants respire through leaves and emit out in the atmosphere a) Carbon dioxide b) Oxygen c) Ozone d) Carbon monoxide

  20. 23. Which of the following is not a luminous object? a) Sun b) Stars c) Moon d) Torch

  21. 24. A pin-hole camera produce a/an image. a) Laterally inverted b) Inverted c) Erect d) Reflection

  22. 25. An electric cell produces electricity using a) Mechanical Energy b) Electrical Energy c) Chemical Energy d) Potential Energy

  23. 26. The north of earth's magnet is near the geographical a) North b) South c) South-West d) East