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Overview/ English/ SSC/ 100 + MCQs (in Hindi)

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Narayan datt dixit

English / SSC / Previous years'questions on DIRECT / INDIRECT speech / English/ Practice of all beautiful and high level concepts , miscellaneous All about Direct/ Indirect speech (Mains level) basic to high level..with practice , course 1.. in this course we will understand all basics of direct / Indirect/ as well as we will discuss those points from Narration that are asked in SSC CGL and in all exams now a days.. means new and high level concepts and Questions on Narration ( Direct / Indirect) note.please watch my all courses that i have created for SSC CGL / CPO and for RBI GRADE B EXAMS because concepts are recherche and selected.. concept and Rules are same.. but practice is different for both SSC and BANK.. Courses will definitely help you.. i assure you , you will get 100 % accuracy in your English section.. THANK YOU..

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