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Overview, Different Scales of Temperature (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives an overview of the course and discusses different scales of temperature and interconversion of those scales into one another.

Shubham Kumar
I have done B.Tech, IIT Delhi (in Mechanical engineering). I have been teaching physics to JEE and NEET aspirants for three years.

Unacademy user
Q-12 Shouldn't the answer be 5984+656 = 6640?
Twarit Manglik
10 months ago
Q 13 - 3285
sir, "temperature is the quantity which decides the direction of heat flow when two bodies are placed in contact" is this definition also correct?
Que- A boat carrying steel balls is floating on the surface of water in a tank. If the balls are thrown into the tank one by one, how will it affect the level of water?
Shraddha K
8 months ago
The boat with metal balls has more weight as compared to only metal balls, hence, initially due to weight of the boat+metal balls the level of water is more. but when the balls are thrown into tank the weight of boat decreases and so water lvl decreases. you must have heard the story of crow and the water pot, that he keeps on adding stones and water lvl increases but here it's totally opposite. I hope it helps you. :))
Que.- An ice block contains a glass bowl. When the ice melts within the water containing vessel, the level of water? a) rises b) falls c) first rises than fall d) unchanged
Saqib Bhat
8 months ago
Que.-1g of ice is mixed with 1g of steam. At thermal equilibrium the temp. of the mixture will be?
Aayushi Gupta
7 months ago
temp of mixture will be 10^C
  1. Heat Thermodynamics A chapter which is very le s relaled to mechanics 3-5 queons Come ou of hs topic Mean in NEET. So, Low vwoTK 2 more evey . A sghifcant portion of this s Common with chemistiy

  2. List of my Courses on 'Heat Thermodynamics Thermomehry Thermal Expansioncalor imety Heat T ransber . Newton's Law of CoRina Kinetic Theory of Grases The rmody namic y will be uploaded soon (Folulans me o ttps:unacademy.comuser shubh 724 864J

  3. Why This Course?? , Great station of impotunt Conep of exampls vith a lot A mathematical medical student -mu Quality regular awignments to keep t alx of tha tnght Concepts

  4. Course Content o Thermome Scales of lemperature -Measurement of temperature * Thermal Expansion Coes of expans ion E ffect on density, buoyndt force Effect on time pemiod of pendulum The rmal strains Calorimets - Meaning of Heat, zeroth ta Effect of heat exchange on temp Lav mixing Phase ch

  5. Tempereture . Deree of hotne ss Measurement of Spe ed of molecales on a microscopic level SI unit Various scales of Temperature e "c, -F, K2

  6. Conver sion Be hween dif. Scales K = +273.16 CRemember . C e.J. 27 C 300 K eg. 30 c corresponds to x30 + 32=86 F Any two scales of temp. Vay Linear y with each other.

  7. near variaion T om Math lt y varies Linearly with X, then Y-x groph wiu a staight Une- > Slope for ang seg ment vHu be a cont tant 2 same

  8. Example, Romer scale of tem p. has 0 R for melting point of nate g0. R fir boiling point of water. Find 30 c is equivalant to ho much on this scale boiling point of atei

  9. Solution ^ne. loo C 80 R suppose, 30 C 30 o loo -O 80-O 30 30-100

  10. xmple A nus lemp scale has been nvented which XammD new? has lo as melHing Point of ice and 7o as bdling peint oferFind te vale Correspondingo 5om this ne scale beint of Water