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Overview: Develop A Strong Foundation For UPSC-CSE/IAS Preparation By Roman Saini (Hindi)

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Roman Saini

This helpful collection is for you to be acute in preparing for UPSC-CSE. The collection starts with the importance and understanding of ten books which you MUST read before going in for this examination. It then highlights the cut-off of the previous year exam, how to go about your preparation, why is it NOT hard to crack this exam, etc. The next part of the collection educates us some of Roman's Rituals, such as time management, will power, decisions and such. It then focuses on the reasons for the exam, some strong foundations, exhaustive material list, analysis of previous papers, identifying high-yield topics and how to attempt the paper when you're in the hall. The final series in the collection will emphasize the traits of a good aspirant, how to make notes, have an effective revision, practicing solving questions, how to attend class and the importance of self-study. It also sheds light on avoiding pessimism, countering sadness, ignoring distractions and finally, about getting stuff done.