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Overview and What to Expect (in Hindi)
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An overview of the whole course is discussed. I share important information regarding what to expect from this course.

Bhoomika Sharma
Life Sciences. Français. General Knowledge. 22. 🇮🇳

Unacademy user
Sir can you please first mention the question first and then explain us how to go about it and the concept. Without the question being there it gets confusing
  1. Science and Technology for UPSC Biotechnology by Bhoomika Sharma

  2. Introduction 1. My name is Bhoomika Sharma. 2. I am a Life Sciences graduate and a UPSC aspirant. 3. Language and reading enthusiast. 4. Instagram reading blog and a Tumblr fashion blog!

  3. Overview and What to Expect

  4. 1. Basic discussions on Biotechnology procedures. 2. Clear explanations specially for people with non-science/ non- Biology background. 3. Recent advancements pertaining their importance with UPSC 4. Bills and other current affairs. 5. Important information!

  5. 1. Rate, review and recommend 2. Share on your social media. 3. Get doubts cleared through messages. 4. Request for courses that you want! 5. Follow at 6. See you in the next lesson!