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Overview and Introduction to Oxidation and Reduction (in Hindi)
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The lesson gives you an overview of the course and introduced you to the oxidation and reduction reactions and oxidizing and reducing agents

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
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thank you so much mam
without the reaction can u tell me wheather P4 is reducing agent or oxidising agent....??? how
when Ethane is burnt in excess of oxygen ,the oxidation number of carbon changes by.,?...mam plz tell the solutions of this question
thank you! so much mam
maam mujhe kuch bhi nahi samajh aa raha
  1. Redox reactions - Theory Tricks - Examples About th About the lesson: Overview and Introduction By- Tamanna Chaudhary

  2. 1. Introduction to Oxidation and Reduction Redox reaction in terms of electronic concept Important electron transfer systems Need and rules of assigning oxidation numbers Trick to know Oxidation number of any atom in any 2. 3. 4. 5. molecule Important concepts of oxidation number Types of Redox reactions - Combination reactions -Decomposition reactions Displacement reactions and it's types Disproportionation reaction:s Fractional oxidation states 6. 7. Overview- 8.

  3. 9. Balancing redox equations by Oxidation number method -lon electron method 10. Important indicators in redox titrations 11. Redox couple and Salt bridge 12. Electrochemical series and it's applications - Activity of metals - Predicting the liberation of H2 gas Predicting feasibility of a redox reaction - Calculating EMF of a cell Overview

  4. edox Reactions , When apple 7s cut with RrWe,H becomes brown Fe present in it Gets oxIdfsed In the presence of air Rusting- onother example of ing odan Redox reaek ons- Reactftens th whieh oxidat" and reduc talkng place simultaneousl Oxidal reaction Reductn reactn Addftton o H Addfthof eleckronegative element - Aditton ot eledrot element Removal ot H Removal of O -Removal of electropositive element - Removal of electro- element

  5. Fe t CO Fe+ Co 3 Oxiding agentJoxdlant Substance which suppliesO2 Redlung agent Reductant Substance which supplies He Eelement Substance wheh removes H substance unth removes og accepting lt) e Cby acceptingt) Element