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Overview and Introduction (in Hindi)
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Learn about Hydroponics and it's significance, few examples on benificial elements, aeroponics and sand culture.

Tamanna Chaudhary
Clearing concepts and doubts is what I do. 🌼 Simplifying PCB for you is every way possible.

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  1. Introduction to Mineral nutrition By- Tamanna Chaudhary

  2. Hudroponics -Plants are direcky grouon hn soll-free defined mineral solution. uwas Art demonstrated by Julius von Sachs in lsso. soluHon Aerating tubes Funnel for adding nutrients and water Solution containina all essential Tultrients in proper"proportio Mo) bolle oveed uifth black papen

  3. Signisicance o Hydroponics Commerial produeth o vegetables (ike toma o, lettuce and seedlers cucumbers -To vdenBify the role of essential elements and iWs deeieney symploms. usejal in arear having thin, Infertile and dry soils To aveid weeding and sil berne pathogens Beni ia elements (a) Na.- C plants (b) Si- Grasses SOt

  4. Aereponic Technique of soil-less culure in which roots of plants are suspended in mist forygenaled nutrient solufian Sand culkure Sand is used as roolinq medium and nulient sofut* is added to it - It is better than soluhon eultures Its various drawbacks ncludes a) Sand being highly alkaline has to be treated wth acid before b) Due to it's abiliti to gel very warm in summer and very Cold in uinler, it' causes injury to root system y Requires fequent watering.