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Overview and definition (Lecture-1) (in Hindi)
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In this lecture i describe movement and locomotion, types of movements in human body

Sandeep Singh Rao
Qualifications : M. Sc. (Biotechnology),NET with AIR-75 Experience : 3 Year teaching experience in pre-medical NEET(UG) level

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sir where is nd ques.from 52 to 74???????? kindly reply ????
Deepak kumar
2 years ago
vo maxima minima k q h dear

  2. Overview of course Movement Locomotion Locomotory Organs Types of movement in human body Types of muscles Mechanism of muscle contraction Human Skeleton Systenm

  3. MovEMENT AND LOCOMOTION MOVEMMENT - One of he gni icant Features f Iving wide vare mals and plants exhi b movemen+s 6v0mplesStreumin of popasm in ameb, moveme nt of ctla, flaella and tentacles. Jhoron by many or^anicm -movemente <ment of limbs Jaws, eyelids +ongue limbs, Jaws, eyelids, tong in human beings. Loco m o TroN]: Some ot the movements Yesult 'nach.nge location Such vilvntu movement qre ynn) Swimmina etc .

  4. Locornotory shuctre need nat be difperent Prm those ting other movements amples helps in prey cophuring chaneje in bechi po stvres All movemen

  5. Locomotion performed by animalr Search of food Sheltex mate Suita ble beeding avound.r -Favourable climate Condi Hons e scape om enem)er Types movements inHuman Body - pe s AdCiliay moeboi moVement muscu)as mavem ent Movement

  6. Amo e boid Movement: movement like mneba asm Some speciali/ed cells in aun body exhibit amae boid mavement example :- Macrophage Psevdapedia YCocyte< the streami Ty ae Cytoskele elements like microfilarn ents qre als ihvelved in amseboid movement

  7. 2Ciliary movement: - present n ntena ubular orjos e are lined by cte epielim -> E7aple 01.mche.the movement f ilia ara inhaled hba qnel microbes with air movement of ova in fallopian of female RepnducHivi teact.

  8. muscu la movement muscles helps in thirtypeof move ment most the move ment- in human b d aYe myscular Example :- t e tongue 'Jaw, eye limbs et. Tnuscular movement helps v Tanv oVemen Locomotion Respiration * Repyedyction