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Overview: Advance Thermodynamics

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Harshit Aggarwal

This unit gives you the outline of the course, understanding the Advance Thermodynamics. This subject is very important for GATE and Indian Engineering Services Examination. Subject is very easy and if basic fundamentals are cleared, it is very scoring. The course includes some of the important topics like Work transfer in closed system, Work transfer in various processes, Ideal Gas Equation of various processes, slope of isothermal and adiabatic lines on PV diagram, Numericals on work transfer, detailed concept on specific heat, free expansion, heat transfer in various processes, First Law of thermodynamics, steady flow energy equation, Open flow system analysis, unsteady state, second law of thermodynamics, numericals on first law and second law of thermodynamics, detailed concept on entropy. To make you proficient and sound with the theoretical concepts of Thermodynamics, he also solves numericals which you may encounter in GATE and Indian Engineering Services Examination.

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