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Our Neighbors Part 3
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India Pakistan Boundary

Rushikesh Dudhat
Education : B. E. Electronics Faculty of Geography, Environment. Currently associated with Shubhra Ranjan IAS Study, Delhi

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  1. Indian Geography Our Neighbors Part 3 INDIAN GEOGRAPHY by Rushikesh Dudhat

  2. Rushikesh Dudhat B. E. Electronics Teaching aspirants from last 8 Years. . Associated with SHU BHRA RANJAN IAS STUDY GROUP

  3. 500 Miles British-Indian Empire 1947 PAKISTAN Known as Radcliffe Line. Radcliffe Partiton Lines 1947 Burma separated from British India 3rd longest boundary 1937 . Runs through Gujrat (Rann BURMA EAST Myanmar of Kutch), Rajasthan (Thar Desert), Punjab ( Fertile Land) and J&K ( Mountainous region) Arabian Sea INDIA, PAKISTAN Bangladesh . Remember Indo - Bay of Bengal Bangladesh border is also known as Radcliffe Line.... WHY? Bagladesh was East Pakistan. Indo Pakistan Border: INDIAN GEOGRAPHY by Rushikesh Dudhat

  4. PAKISTAN Sind Blue Dotted Line Pillars already esist demarcating boundry) Boundry finally settled by Govt. of India Western Bank Eastern Bank (India wants border in the centre of the cteek) Western Terminus SIR CREEK Green Line Kori Creek SIR CREEKr Gujarat INDIA Arabian Sea INDIAN GEOGRAPHY by Rushikesh Dudhat

  5. Originally named Ban Ganga, Sir Creek is named after a British representative. Sir Creek is a 96-km strip of water disputed between India and Pakistan in the Rann of Kutch marshlands. .What's the importance of Sir Creek? 1. Sir Creek is considered to be among the largest fishing grounds in Asia. 2. potential presence of great oil and gas concentration under the sea INDIAN GEOGRAPHY by Rushikesh Dudhat

  6. CHINA Siach Glacier CILGIT BALTISTAN Pakatan China Line of control India and Pakistan border in the state of J&k. Fonmer Kingdom of Kashmir border india KASHMIR MU AND PRADESH It is not an legally recognized international border but a de- facto border. PUN.4B PAKISTAN HARYAN Originally it was known as cease fire line but following the SHIMLA AGREEMENT (1972)it was designated as LOC. Radcliffe Line INDIA INDIAN GEOGRAPHY by Rushikesh Dudhat

  7. TAJI GHANISTAN CHINA Territory ceded by Pakistan to China in 1963 GILGIT- BALTISTAN REGION PAK OCCUPIED KASHMIR ACHEN GLACIER AKSA CHIN PAKISTAN Line of Control India-China Line of Kargi Actual Control JAMMU KASHMIR CHINA AZAD KASHMIR NDIA Map not to scale

  8. SIACHEN GLACIER: Located at an height of 5753m it is . India occupied Siachen in 1984 under highest battlefield in the world. Operation Meghdoot. . Located in KARAKORAM RANGE it is longest glacier in the world outside Polar regions. . River NUBRA originates from SIACHEN Glacier. Nubra is a tributary of River SHYOK which in turn joins RIVER INDUS INDIAN GEOGRAPHY by

  9. India Nepal Boundary RAKHAND Lhasa Bareilly Nepal Kathman La UTTAR tage PRADESHd IKKI Bhutan Lucknow Gorakhpur oSiliguri Nalb Kanpur Darbhanga Kishang Patna CpG MEGHALA AllahabadJaunpur Varanasi Gaya NDIAN GEOGRAPHY by Rushikesh Dudh

  10. India - Nepal border is an open border. Nationals of both countries can move freely without passport or visa and can live or work in either country. Kosi agreement : India and Nepal signed the Kosi agreement in 1954 to regulate the flow of the river and ensure flood management. Kosi is known for floods and is known as SORROW OF BIHAR. KALI river dispute is a point of Contention between India and Nepal. . Sharda or Kali river originates in Nepal and joins Ghaghra. Ghaghra is a tributary of River Ganga. MADHESI Madhesi is the term used for people of Indian Origin residing in the Terai Region of Nepal INDIAN GEOGRAPHY by Rushikesh Dudhat