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OSI MODEL UPPER LAYER( in hindi) for ugc net cs
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Discuss about Upper layer of OSI MODEL$ TCP/ IP Model

Varsha Agarwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Varsha Agarwal
UGC NET QUALIFIED |🌟 verified plus educator | winner of Hidden gems award in DEC 2018| n educator of the week award |7 Years of Teaching Exp

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Mam OSI has vertical approach and TCP/IP has horizontal as u mentioned in the notes...may be here in comments typing mistake..
mam will you please tell the horizontal and vertical approach with example
Varsha Agarwal
a year ago
OSI is known as the horizontal approach while TCP/IP is known as thevertical approach. There are seven different layers in the OSI model while the number of layers for TCP/IP modelare four. ... TCP/IP does not fit in any other model while OSI tries to fit in other models because it is a reference.
Subhash Ghosh
a year ago
sorry mam but my confusion is about what is horizontal approach.
Varsha Agarwal
a year ago
In the OSI model, there are no intermediate nodes between transport layer or above layers....hence these layers communicate directly with each other....hence horizontal approch
Thanks mam for this wonderful video. Can we get these notes as well plz??
Why TCP/IP is more reliable in comparison with OSI ?
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