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Orientation and Basic Understanding (in Hindi)
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This is an orientation to one of the most important and fundamental topics on number systems. We discussed the course flow and the basic understanding of the factors and multiples. Enjoy!😊

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Akash Singh
CAT/Bank/SSC/CLAT/IPM Trainer 12 years Experience. CAT 99+%ile(8 Times) Use Code 'ardentstudies-7404' to join me live on Unacademy Plus

Unacademy user
Sir,Thank You so much but last question ka graph banakar dikha dijiye please,thoda aur clear ho jaega..
sir ,i want a study plan for cat 19 , agr we have 24 hrs then reduce 8 hrs of sleep then , kya ek din me hi 3-3 hrs teeno sections di,qa, verbal krna chahiye ya fr 1 day quant, 1 day verbal , and 1 day di ... suggest me
Akash Singh
9 months ago
Monday tuesday quants, Wednesday thursday lr di and friday saturday verbal. 😊
9 months ago
nd sir Sunday ko ? rest ya all subjects ya mock
Akash Singh
9 months ago
For the time being revise the things that you learned in the week and select the doubts areas and make a list of them.
Akash Singh
9 months ago
Do join my youtube live class @ 10 pm today.
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  2. FACTOR THEORY SIMPLI FIED ORIENTA TION LECTURE Basic Undesleuding ot fueo Melfiples Fiholiv the Nuub Represenfing aung nu uche. In tue form of ax b - nuuuube Copni me to each otuer

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  4. Basic Unaexstendi va of feae fors ulliples faetors or Divisors MulHiple FINDING THE NUMBER of FACTORS Method Metuod Mettuud 2 wPropen futos Manual Mepod (6o) 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6, lo, 12, l si 30, 6020 12 fautos 5 x 12 12 facios ive cient

  5. Metod 3 PRIME PACTO RISATION 2 6 0 6 2 3 5 S 5 y(60)= 3x2x2 Tote Poper YS 2. Fiud the uue of Phoper factos ot 12o 120 10X12 |w.phopen tae fo% 2 3

  6. Find the to tel uube of autos oh 36 1000 210

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