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Order and Ranking Type - 1 (in Hindi)
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Ranking type-1

Anjali Prakash
Doing Bcom (hons) from Sharda University 3rd year . I love teaching and love to spread and gain knowledge.

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  1. Order And Ranking ANJALI PRAKASH

  2. What is? Order: Sequence Rank: Position

  3. Types of rank UI for

  4. Type of questions o Finding the Rank of a person from one side. o Finding the total number in a sequence/order. o Finding the Mid Number. o Finding the Exact Mid.

  5. Type - 1 s# t?nd ng tnt- Aan k a son 3 riy m.itsio n 3.5 7,7r.J Rank of 8arne-season shorn mlaTota omlett dn

  6. In a row of 27 students, X is 14th from right end. Then find the rank of X from left end? 1)12 2) 13 3) 14 4)15 5) 16 X' 'korn le 2) Q3-\u-t YArs !