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Numericals on Gauss's Law (in Hindi)
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The lesson has many numericals on Gauss's law which clear the concept of Gauss's law.

Ajay Kumar
I'm teaching Physics for last eight years.

Unacademy user
ans nhi aata h multiply krne pe numerical ka 6×8.85 ka hota h 53.1 aap likhe hn 1.88 kaise hoga
give extra numericals of iit , ncert and rbse level
sir... you cleared all my doubts regarding these 2 topics.. thanks.. want more lectures from you
  1. A point charge of 2.0 C is at the centre of a cubic Gaussian surface 9.0 cm on edge. What is the net electric flux through the surface?

  2. A point charge causes an electric flux of-1.0 103 Nm 2/C to pass through a spherical Gaussian surface of 10.0 cm radius centred on the charge. (a) If the radius of the Gaussian surface were doubled, how much flux would pass through the surface? (b) What is the value of the point charge?

  3. NCERT total Nocharye in l = 8.85x10-f1.9)x10 C 3

  4. A point charge +10 C is a distance 5 cm directly above the centre of a square of side 10 cm as shown in Fig. 1.35. What is the magnitude of the electric flux through the square? (Hint: Think of the square as one face of a cube with edge 10 cm.) 5 cm 10 cm

  5. 5 g = +10 pC = 10x10 C -10 C 0 Eo 5 I 2. 8quare 6

  6. NCERT 1.14 the 8uzfce of a Hack bon indicates that the outwand usa through the .3urface :8 .face comcludo that there were no chae* mot7

  7. NCERT 1- 1T 2 -1 2in I an -1 2 8.85x10 x 8.0X10 C b No'ong the net charge Zeno