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Numerical Based Concept : PART - 7
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Question based on Eccentric loading

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Deep Sangeet Maity
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Thanks Jatin sir for bringing this thorough analysis.. we really appreciate your hard work..we really do.. please tell us about your experience, how was your paper? also kindly analyse 2013-16 pre papers as well for us, who will appear in 2018 for first time
  1. Bolted Joints Numerical Concepts & Problems Lesson-7 Other Courses in MD Clutches Brakes Riveted joints Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

  2. About ME Working as a Design engineer at "Cameron Manufacturing India Pvt Limited (A Schlumberger Company)". . Currently working as "GATE content editor and developer" at "Kreatryx" .Qualified GATE "3" times Qualified "Gate 2018 with 99.4 percentile 779(75.26 marks) gate score" in mechanical stream Qualified "Gate 2017 with 98.83 percentile 726(70 marks) gate score" in mechanical stream I also have an 3+ years of experience of teaching Engineering subjects like Engineering mechanies, Thermodynamies, SOM, HMIT Ex-CADD Engineer at "CADD CENTRE". Passed B.E. with honours with 76.71%. I am pursuing my MTech in Thermal I have an 2.5+ years of experience as a CADD Engineer. . Ialso have worked for "CAD ACADEMY" as a Design engineer for 1 year.

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  4. 50 50 400 20 KN 550

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  8. S3. 66 x So26 82.926 N. 2. P34146. 34N. 0D6 82.924 12682.26

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