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Numerical Based Concept : PART - 2 (in Hindi)
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Some more Concepts and Numerical problems

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Deep Sangeet Maity
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Sir aap chai pete pete padha rahe ho kya..?
why did u solve for shear strength? bolt is weaker in tension..then we should solve for tensile strength
sir isme jo Diameter hai woh core diameter hai ya nominal diameter bcoz question main size of bolt pucha hai toh final answer kya aayega. please explain.
Deep Sangeet Maity
10 months ago
Yeh core dia. Hai yeh.... Hmesa minimum dia ke liye design krte hain and d(c) is min.
Deep Sangeet Maity
10 months ago
Question me mentioned rhegaa whether to find core or nominal
sir toh part 4 main joh numerical aapane liya hai waha pe bhi size of bolt pucha hai jo aapane nominal diameter nikala hai. aur yaha pe size of bolt pucha to core diameter nikala hai i m quite confused.
sir , 1 st problem me , jo shear area liya hai wo {π*dc* h} nhi le skte kya....??
make for eccentric load
Yes I'll do it
Chinta korte hobe n
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