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Numerical 1(in Hindi)
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Priya Malani
Hello! BTech(Aerospace),Cleared Afcat(2 times),Cry Volunteer,Stem Education Enthusiast.

Unacademy user
Difference between Centrally Sponsored Scheme and Central Sector Scheme?
Sudhanshu Jain
3 years ago
centrally sponsored - state share is also there to implement the scheme. whereas central sector is completely funded and implemented by central gov.
Indira rao
3 years ago
Central sector scheme- 100% funded by union govt, implemented by central govt machinery/infrastructure and formulated on the subjects from the union list Centrally sponsored scheme- funded by both centre and state in the ratio of 50:50,70:30,75:25,90:10, implemented by state govt machinery and formulated on the subjects from the state list.
Arun Sharma
3 years ago
Thanks Sudhanshu and Indira.
Abir Sarkar
3 years ago
carefully look centrally sponsored schemes central share a large amount of fund and the rest by state government as everyone said but in Q.3 NPCB though centrally sponsored scheme but central govt give 100 may be its an exception
you will solve only numericals ? no theory portion?
Priya Malani
a year ago
hello vinay, there is theory portion also explained in courses named ' complete fluid mechanics'
Vinay kumar
a year ago
okay i will go through with that🤗thankx
Priya Malani
a year ago
no issues. 😃