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Number System (Properties of Number - 6) (in Hindi)
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Number System (Properties of Number - 6) (in Hindi)

Bharat Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bharat Gupta
Engineer by degree Mathematician by Heart. Having 22 years of teaching experience. Visit my youtube channel BHARAT GUPTA-RADIX .

Unacademy user
wow mam bahut accha samzhati ho aap
very helpful..thank you..Sir
Sir can you please show us the solution of 3rd question again. It is not clear.
hello sir , i have been following your videos since few days and till video 6 my concept is almost clear . But in this video could you please show me the calculations of the last sum how did you choose option d among c & d .
6 months ago
If you can remove options mentally it's good and if you are confused between two options then solve it. Add all of them. Solve it in your notebook if you will get the answer. All the best.
solution of quest 3 isn't visible because screen is zoomed in
Vivek Sharma
7 months ago
So how will we know about the calculations part? if you have the calculations part solved please share it here.
solution 3 disappeared.
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