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Noun Rules (in Hindi)
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Noun rules

Yogesh kol
Teaching is my passion, you belive me in my ability and gave me a chance to teach. thank you so much unacademy. qulifed ssc chsl, cgl, pre

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  2. (v) Abstract Noun Noun Strle Happinen Action - Anger (i) Common (iv) material Noun Nouh Noun Boy Girl Noyn RamA milk Month Sita Amr Agmp fsoldies,wood Jul Murdeh- A groub of crouws oFbee Pod- Agroup of whales

  3. List of Nonwhich alwys remain List of Nonwhich qlw4* remain List of Nouns which are always sig-li (i) New^ (ii) Economics (ii) Mathem<tith (iv) Inningh (v) Politi (vi) sttities (i) Furniturt/s x IJcehe (i)Infonmation x (i) Police (ii) cattle (ii) Binoculaw () Icenerlscenties() (iv) Scissos (v) Tvousen (vi) PoetrPoetriesx

  4. <i when m-fritnds (ume la visit us at the railuy ststien thy left- Seme of their lua Plural form of compeund Noun :- singula) Plual man men woman w men Foot Feet Toth Teeth (riterion Criteria Davghte,-in-lk Daty-in-la() Aten-in-law (v) Daughter-in-laws (x) -in-law?/who ae)in Kal Kate, have come Girl friend Sirl friends Some (man are bon artat oF visit wi Phe home hon Phenomena Fif , Mouse Mice man meh men