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Note making and summary in Hindi and English (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains writing section topic note making and summary for class 11th and class 12th. You can learn meaning, important points, rules of making abbreviations, examples of note making and summary from this lesson.

Vipul Jain
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  1. Note - Making and summary Sometimes our study material is very long or large. It is difficult to remember large information. So due to this we prefer to note down points of that material. Use abbreviations into the points to make it more shorter.

  2. Points to remember Write the title it must relate to the matter. e Minimum 5 and maximum 7 abbreviations. eAbbreviation box should be placed before the summary and after the notes. Write phrases not complete sentences Don't use numbers as abbreviations. eHelping verbs, articles, pronoun, determiners could be omitted.

  3. How to make abbreviations 1st rule -- Standard abbreviations 2nd rule - Use 1st few letters 3rd rule remove or omit the vowels 4th rule first few and last few letters like ans. , govt. etc like minimum - min., maximum - max. etc. like work - wrk., achievement - achvmnt. like cannot - can't etc.

  4. Format of note - making TITLE( underline it by pencil)(center)(capital) NOTES 1. Main heading 1.1 or a. 1.2 or b. 1.3 or c. 2. Main heading

  5. Format o 2.1 or a if you want to give sub heading then 2.2 Sub heading 2.2.2. 2.3 3. Main heading 3.1

  6. Format 3.2. 3.3 WORDS ABBRIVIATIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  7. Example Paragraph We have been talking about the evils of child labour for the last 10 years in this country. But the number of working children seems to be increasing. Instead of building up a groundswell of public opinion against child labour and for compulsory primary education. The presence of child labour in hazardous industries is a gross violation of human rights.

  8. Example CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA NOTES 1. Child labr. Increasing 1.1 Industs. Employ children 1.2 primary educatn. - a distant dream 2. Ignored 2.1 no compensation. 2.2 med. help refused

  9. SUMMARY Made summary from the notes Do not exceeds the word limit. Don't make many paragraphs just only one. Don't use abbreviations in the summary. Write complete sentences not phrases

  10. Example Child labour is on the increase. Children are given the most dangerous of jobs. All this is a great violation of human rights. Children are dying a slow death. Their plight is being ignored. They get no compensation when injured or sick.