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Northern And Coastal Plains, Indian Desert, Peninsular Plateau and Island groups (in Hindi)
Points to remember; 1.The Western Ghats are just close, continuous and parallel to the western coast. 2.The Deccan Plateau slopes gradually towards east. 3.Deltas are formed due to accumulation of sediments brought by the rivers. 4.Stream velocity decreases as the slope decreases. 5.The rivers that originate in the Western Ghats (WG hereafter), either flow eastwards or westwards. The west flowing rivers are shorter than the east flowing rivers. There is a high gradient for the west flowing rivers than the east flowing rivers. Therefore, being very close to coast and with high gradient, there are less opportunities for rivers to become wide (spread out) towards the sea unlike east flowing rivers. In rivers with higher gradient, the velocity of the river is high. Therefore West flowing rivers end up forming estuaries rather than deltas. Example: River Kali estuary in Karwar of Karnataka. OTOH, Eastern Ghats are not a continuous chain of mountains. They are broken. Most rivers are already wide (low velocity) when flowing through Eastern Ghats and carry huge amounts of sediments and deposit alluvium. River Krishna's delta is the best example for this. Why long, West flowing rivers like Narmada and Tapti do not form deltas? Though Narmada originates far from Western Ghats and empties into the Arabian Sea, the river flows through faults and didn't form it's own valley. The river flows through hard terrain and it's tributaries are small. This leads to less sediment load. The flow through fault, less alluvium, and the sea current washing up the little alluvium gives no opportunity for the formation of delta Wastern rivers do not form Delta whereas they form Estuaries because, 1.Deccan plateau is eastward sloping i.e Western coast is elevated compared to eastern coast.Hence, there is no ground available for delta formation at Wastern ghat. 2.Most of the Western flowing rivers originate in Western ghat, now if they travel toward Western coast then they have to travel lesser distance than eastern flowing rivers before getting into the sea. On way to Wastern coast throgh hard rocks and over higher gradient, they couldn't collect large amount of Slit and flow with very high speed compare to East flowing rivers. 3.Hard Rocks of Western ghat don't allow Western flowing rivers to widen their mouth into sea, so these rivers form Estuaries whereas Eastern rivers flow through broken hills and mountain ranges. So, they are widened and flow with lesser velocity before entering into sea. So, they deposite sediments and silt before entering into sea and can form a Delta.
2 years ago
sir plz explain what is mean by estuary?how it looks like?
Ashutosh Pandey
2 years ago
An estuary is where a river meets the sea. There, saltwater mixes with freshwater. The river becomes wider and wider and flows slowly to the ocean.