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Answer Key NEET 2018 BIOLOGY Part I

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Neha Sharma
2 years ago
For sure. Keep Watching :)
sir.. hcg,hpl, progesterone and estrogen is the right
bhiya . plz human receptor pr lesion bnaiye na plz ............plz reply
you have given a wrong answer... A question of match the following about menstrual cycle
Aap last year hi padha dete to drop nhi lena pdta. Kahan the aap last year?
Pranav Pundarik
a year ago
Der aae, durust aae ! Abhi aagyaaaaa Mai <3
Anjali Tiwari
a year ago
  1. 0B8T 2018 By Pranav Pundarik.

  2. Which of the following hormones pay a 8 gnificant role in osteoporosis? . Parathyroid hormone and Prolactin . Aldosterone and Prolactin Estrogen and Parathyroid hormone Progesterone and JAldosterone

  3. . Which of the following is an Amino acid derived hormone? . gstriol epinephrine Estradiol Scdysone

  4. . Which of the followvng structures or regions is incorrectly paired with its function? . Corpus callosum band of fibres connecting right and left cerebral hemispheres 'Medulla Oblongata controls respiration and cardiovascular reflexes Hypothalamus : production of releasing hormones and regulation of temperature, hunger and thirst eimbic 8ystem : con818t8 of fibre tracts that interconnect different region8 of brain, controls movement

  5. . The transparent lens in the human eye is held in its place by . Smooth muscles attached to ciliary body .Bigaments attached with ciliary bod Smooth muscles attached to iris . Bigaments attached to iris

  6. . The amnion of mammalian embryo is derived from .ctoderm and Sndoderm ctoderm and Mesoderm Mesoderm and trophoblast 8ndoderm and Mesoderm

  7. . Hormones secreted by the placenta to maintain pregnancy are hCg, hPe, progesterone prolactin hC3, hP8, estrogen, relaxin, oxytocin

  8. . The contraceptive 'SAH821' 8 a ot coital contraceptive Blocks estrogen receptors in the uterus, breventing eggs from getting implanted 8 an 1wD . Increase the concentration of estrogen and prevents ovulation in females

  9. . The difference bet ween spermiogenesis and spermiation is . In spermiogenesis, spermatozoa are formed, while in sbermiation, spermatozoa are released from 8ertoli cells into the cavity of 8em n feros8 tubules In sbermiogenesis, sbermatids are formed, while in spermiation, sbermatozoa are formed . In spermiogene8i8 sbermatozoa from sertoli cells are released into the cavity of seminiferous tubule8, while in spermiation, spermatozoa are formed . In 8permiogene818, 8permatozoa are formed while in 8permiation 8permat18 are formed

  10. A woman has an X-Binked condition on one of her X-Chromosomes. Jhis chromosome can be inherited by . Both sons and daughters Onty daughters . Only grandchildren Only sons

  11. All of the following are part of an operon except : promoter An operator din enhancer . Structural gene

  12. Matoh the fotlowing: a) Proliferative phase b) Secretory phase c) Menstruation i) Breakdown of endometrial lining w) ouicular phase ii) uteal phase 4) a-i, b-iii, c-i 2) a-ii, b-ii, c-1 8) a-iiib-io-i 4) a-ii,b-1,o-ii

  13. . The similarity of bone structure in the forelimbs of many vertebrates is an example of: Adaptive radiation Homology . Convergent evolution . Analogy

  14. . Which of the following is not an autoimmune disease: Vitiligo Psorta818 Alzheimer: disea8e .Rheumatoid arthiritis

  15. Which of the following characteristics represent inheritance of blood group in humans a) Dominance b) Co-Dominance c) Muitiple allele d) Incomplete dominance e) Polygenic inheritance ) a, c and e 2) bc ana e 3)b,dand e 4)a, b and o

  16. . Conversion of milk to curd improves its nutritional value by increasing the amount of Vit.6 Vit. D Vit B12