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NCERT 8th Geography -1 Part 1
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It is about ncert 8th geography -1 Part 1

completed computer science engineering in April 2018 and preparing for upsc Civil service examinations

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  2. About me I'm Krithika.L >I have completed computer science engineering in april 2018. I'm preparing for upsc civil service exam in 2019. Interested in teaching

  3. 1. Resources > Anything that can be used to satisfy a need is called resource Many types of resources. For example The rickshaw you use to get home from school

  4. Utility and Value Rickshaw is used by you. So in this example you used rickshaw. It is known as utility. Utility or usability is what makes an object or substance a resource. Things become resources only when they have a value. > Value means worth Some resources have economic value, some do not.

  5. Economically valuable economically valuable Grandma's remedies have no commercial value today. > Patented-they would become economically valuable. Time and technology-factors changing substances into resources

  6. Time and Technology >Time, technology Both related to satisfy the needs of people > People-most important resource Discovery of fire-cooking Invention of wheel

  7. Types of resources Natural Human made Human Natural resources-nature and used without modification For example, the air we breathe

  8. Different types > On the basis of development and use Two groups actual resources Potential resources Actual resources-quantity is known, being used in present.

  9. Potential resources Entire quantity may not be known > These are not being used at present > Used in future > Uranium found in ladakh > High speed wind:s

  10. Biotic and abiotic >Based on origin Biotic Abiotic > Abiotic-nonliving Biotic-living > Soil,rocks,minerals-abiotic Plants, animals-biotic