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National Anthem Case: Supreme Court Latest Verdict (UPSC CSE Point of View)
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This video deals with the National Anthem case, the Supreme Court verdict, Issues with Verdict, laws and acts related to the verdict, and the conclusion.

Sai Samir Badeti
M.S in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, B.E in Civil Engineering from Vasavi College of Engineering.

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Please suggest books n source for sociology
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Superb video sir god bless you and may you live long
I love my nation i respect our cultural heritage, national symbols, national anthem, constitution and its an abstract feeling of oneself own and i don't like to give any proof of my patriotism to anyone..a person stands while NA is being played at cinena hall has nothing to do with his or her patriotism. i hv seen people who stand n sing NA very enthusiastically at hall bt in a second they do not bother to disturb, annoy, tease others. if we want our people to be patriotic enough we should learn from japan and inherit these values in children from their chilhood n school days.
  1. SC : Play National Anthem before screening By Sai Samir Badeti

  2. About Me M.s from carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh BE from Vasavi College of Engineering Hyderabad o Part time teacher at Devnar Blind SchooL o Hobbies football, reading, cooking.

  3. About the Case Writ Petition, under article 32. o It has been averred in the petition that sometimes National Anthem is sung in various circumstances which are not permissible and can never be countenanced in Law, o The assertion is that it is the duty of every person to shous respect when the National Anthem is played er recited or suna. or sung

  4. SC verdicb erate o No commercial exploitation of National Anthem(NA) o There shall not be dramatization/abrigation of NA. o No printing of NA that amounts to disrespect. No printing of NA that amounts to disrespect. o Cinema Halls to play NA before feature film. o Cinema Halls to play NA before feature film. Doors shall be closed during NA. o National Flag on Screen during NA. In 10 days. aus

  5. Issues regardinq the verdict o Not mandatory per Law to stand up. o Locking doors safety hazard, violation of judgement of Uphaar e veratc Case verdict. o violation of Delhi Cinematographic Rules Rule 10(8). What about disabled people? o Houw will it be enforced? o Does not specify penalksy Supreme Court April 19th 2004 verdick on Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam Movie. e ourt Apce 9k rkabic Kuth

  6. Acts and Law related o Bijoe Emanuel Vs State of Kerala, 1986. o The Prevention of Insulks to National Honour Act 1971 - Section3 Uphaar Case of sc. Article 19(1(a) o Article 25(1) o Article 1A(a).

  7. Acts and Lauw related: Cont Delhi Cinematographic Rule 10(8) o 2003 Maharashtra Assembly Order. a NA after movies during the 6o's NA after movies during the 6os o Flag Code of India.

  8. Conclusion "Universalism is alright but Bharat is the Universalism is alright but eharat is the epitome of Culture, Knowledge." - 3ustice Dipak Misro