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Naming of Coordination Compounds (part-1)
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Megha Khandelwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Megha Khandelwal
Chemistry Educator, CSIR-UGC NET- AIR 25, YouTube Channel- Chemistry Enthusiasts, Passion for Teaching & Mentoring

Unacademy user
maam this year I am having my class 12 exams and I am not able to remember chemistry at all , I have almost written each topic about 3 times but then also I forget....... Can you please help me with this........ I need this very much🙏
Megha Khandelwal
5 months ago
Yes. Have you watched any course created by me? If yes, please mention the course name. I will help you further.
Kunal Nauriyal
5 months ago
yaa I have only watched the surface chemistry first 2 videos only
I have not studied coordination chemistry can you tell me few topics from this chapter rather than the whole chapter for JEE mains
I would say, watch this course, you will find this topic very interesting. Then you can go through VBT and CFT, I have created separate courses on that.
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