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Most Important Questions For CTET/DSSSB-2018| Lesson:03 (in Hindi)
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This lesson or this entire course will help all those aspirants who are preparing for any teaching related competitive exam such as CTET/DSSSB/TETs/KVS etc.

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Ans1) the Naf River flows between the Bangladeshi cox's bazaar District of the chittagong Division, and the Burmese Rakhine state. Ans 2) Location of Myitsone Dam - Koch in, Burma, Myanmar . thank you sir.
Q. 73 - total 150 (6x5x5) not 180
Plz provide me science and maths topics
I like ur demonstration
pls make video on types of assessment and evaluation

  2. Let's LEARN! Something About Me This is HIMANSHI SINGH . Have keen interest in Psychology. Pursuing Eng. Hons. From Delhi University. I've done D.El.Ed from Delhi. I have a YouTube channel named "Lets LEARN"

  3. 51. The author of Feminine Psychology'- Karen Horney. 52. The Eros and Thanatos is given by- Sigmund Freud. 53. Who opened the first laboratory of Psychology and where ?- William Wundt 54. Field theory is given by- Kurt Lewin 55.Thematic apperception test is given by(T.A.T)- Morgan & Murrey 56. Ink-Blot test is given by- Herman Rorschach 57-weightage of Formative and Summative Assessment-40%,60% 58. Who first coined the term IQ- William Stern

  4. 59. Who first found the formula of IQ- Lewis Termarn 60. Who first used the word mental age- Alfred Binet 61. Theory of connectionism/Trial and Error theory- Thorndike 62. R-S Theory/Operant Conditioning is given by- Skinner 63. Principles of Psychology is written by- William James(1890) 64. A'and 'B' principle is given by- Donald Hebb 65. IQ of an average student- (90-110) 66. Personality test by questionnaire- Woodworth

  5. 67. Who invented inductive & Deductive method- Aristotle 68. The author of the book 'Moral Development is- Jean Piaget. 69 Question-answer method is given by- Socrates 7o. Lecture method is given by- Aristotle 71. Dialectic Method is given by- Plato 72. Psychology came from- Philosophy(Greek) 73. Three-dimensional theory of intelligence- Guilford 74. Evaluation expressed in quantitative (numerical) terms is called- Measurement. 75. Techniques of assessment are- Observation, Rating scae, riew, Cumulative Record, Anecdotal Record etc.

  6. -Himanshi Singh Let's LEARN!