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Most Important Questions For CTET/DSSSB-2018| Lesson:01 (in Hindi)
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This lesson or this entire course will help all those aspirants who are preparing for any teaching related competitive exam such as CTET/DSSSB/TETs/KVS etc.

Himanshi singh
A learner by nature, a teacher by profession, a YouTuber by passion! You can join the learning revolution on YouTube channel “Lets LEARN”

Unacademy user
bhaiya pls complex no. start karo na, btw u r a gr8 guide
Shubhodeep Sarkar
8 months ago
oh sorry I didn't saw u have already uploaded a course on it
I have never seen educator like u.....yes it's true.what a aatitude omg.... excellent way f teaching.-alok from Bhagalpur (Bihar)
thank u mam ur contents very helpfull for us keep making video u give us such quality
hello mam, your way of teaching is excellent..... please make some videos on mathematics
Ruchi Pandey
a year ago
superb mam. thank alot mam for helping us...
mam role play method ka krukshenk dia h solanki m....plzzz confirm it correct....???

  2. Let's LEARN! Something About Me . This is HIMANSHI SINGH Have keen interest in Psychology . Pursuing Eng. Hons. From Delhi University I've done D.El.Ed from Delhi . I have a YouTube channel named "Lets LEARN".

  3. 1. Who is the father of Psychology- Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt. 2. Who is the father of Educational Psychology- Edward Lee Thorndike. 3. Who is the father of American Psychology- William James. 4. Who is the father of Psychoanalysis- Sigmund Freud. 5. Who gave the Psychosocial Theory- Erick Erickson. 6. Father of Functionalism- William James. 7. Oldest method 8. Who is the father of behaviorism- J.B. Watson used in Psychology-Introspection Method.

  4. 9. People associated to Gestalt school of Psychology- Wertheimer, Koffka 8 Kohler. 10. Initial use of the word 'Psychology'- Rudolf Golcoy(1590). 11. Who said Psychology is the science of studying soul- Aristotle, Plato, Dekarte 12. Who said Psychology is the science of mind- Pomponoji. 13. "First psychology lost its soul then its mind and now some sort of behavior is left"- Woodworth 14. Psychology of individual differences given by whom- Sir Francis Galton 15. How many bones in an infant- 270. 16. Drive Reduction theory is given by- Clark Hull

  5. 17.1, Me theory and symbolic interaction theory is given by- G.H Mead 18. Looking glass self theory is given by whom- C. H. Cooley 19. Heuristic method is given by whom- H.E. Armstrong 20. Play-way method is given by- Caldwell Cook. 21. Kindergarten method is given by- Fredrich August Froebel 22.Dalton method is given by- Helen Parkhurst 23.Teaching method of Binetica- Carlton Washburn 24.Project method is given by- W. H. Kilpatrick 25.Play and Drama method is given by- Jacob L. Moreno

  6. -Himanshi Singh Let's LEARN!