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Most Important One Word Substitution Part 01
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This lesson discusses most important one word substitution that are frequently asked in Ssc Cgl || IB ACIO ||Bank

Priyashi Barthwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Priyashi Barthwal
MBA-Human Resource| 3 years of Industry and Teaching experience|Twice NET Qualified|Musicophile|Mellifluous|Anchor|Zealous|Enthusiastic|Spir

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mam i think it would be even better if use those words in framing a sentence , as we hardly know whether that word is verb, adjective etc.. u said couple of times " YOU USES" i need to know is that ok?
Mohammed in one word substitution u get a sentence in exam n u Hv to identify d correct word. So Hv not used sentences here. Vl make a lesson on vocab soon vid examples Vid singular noun n pronoun view use plural verb and vid singular v use singular verb Ram speaks and they write You speak
Plural noun n pronoun plural verb Singular noun n pronoun singular verb
Alok alok
2 years ago
Anil Yoginath
2 years ago
this method will use only for grammatical concord not for notional concord.
thank you.
tq mam bye providing the aspirant with such a g8t videos.
thanks for liking the course.Keep watching keep learning ✌️
sure mam
ma'am you are articulate ... very helpful... thank you so much . Just one advice try not to use red color and encircling a word is not helpful, you should just underline the word. Thanks again :-)
Hi Tushar, Thanks I would like to advise you that we must try to get or pick positive things or stuff which are beneficial for us from whatever we watch, see and observe. Have seen ur comments n reviews try to inculcate a better way of expression. If u have any query or suggestions u can share vid the help of comment section instead of review. Will try to respond asap. I hope you will definitely think it over. God luck!
Ma'm Mai privet sec me job karta hu but govt job karna chahta hu. Kya karu please tell me
In which sector you really want to work
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  1. MOST IMPORTANT ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION Part oi Rate /Review/Comment and follow@

  2. Stealing of ideas and writing of someone else Details plan of a journey An adjective added to a person's name or Plagiarism Rineraty Epithet A phrase used instead of it Pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever & amusing way Epigram A typical way of speaking,especiallyusing terms or Parlanice words that are specific to profession or region One who is speciallyskilled in story telling Raconteur

  3. Fluent and clear speech/clearlyexpressedand easily understood Articulate A perso n concerned with pract ical resultsinstead Pragmatist of ideas and theory A person without manner or polish Decision made upon a political question byvotes Rustic Plebiscite all qualified person Anarchy Jaunt A statewhere no law or order exist A short trip or excursion

  4. Lover of women Lower of mankind Lower of marriage One who has many love affairsor a man Philogynist Philanthropist Philogamist Philanders who frequentlyent erinto relationship with a women A flirtatiouswomen One who hates marriage One who hates women One who hates mankind Coquette Misogamist Misogynist Misanthropist

  5. A practice of having more than one husband or polyandry wife at the same time One who speaks many languages Polyglot Money that a husband give to his wife afterdivorce Money that husband give to his wife forexpenses Pin m Collection of poems To give up off position A person that create lawlessness Alimony Pin money Anthology Abdication Anarchist