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Most important History Topics from Previous papers
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Most important History Topics from Past 3 Years Papers

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  2. Visitors to India

  3. Huien Tsang He was a Chinese traveller who visited India during the time of Harsha Vardhana. His book is called Si-yu-ki or "The Records of the Western World Alberuni A persian scholar, he accompanied Mohammed of Ghazni and wrote a book titled Tahqiq-i-hind'. He was the first mulsim scholar to study India. He is regarded as the father of Indology

  4. .Marco Polo He was a well known European traveller who visited many Eastern countries, including India. He visited Southern India where Rudramma Devi of the Kakatiyas was in power . Ibn Batuta . Ibn Batuta was a Moroccon traveller who visited India during the time of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. His account of travels is known as the Rihla.

  5. Thomas Roe . Sir Thomas Roe was an English diplomat who visited the court of Jahangir in 1615 to seek protection for an English factory at Surat. His Journal of the mission to the Mogul Empire is a valuable contribution to the history of India of the time. William Hawkins .Captain William Hawkins led the first voyage of the English East India Company to India in 1609 when Jahangir was in power. He had a personal letter from King James I of England 1609, but did not succeed in seeking Jahangir's permission to establish a factory

  6. Abdul Razak He was a Persian cholar and ambassador of the ruler of Persia to Calicut who visited India during the rule of Deva Raya II of Vijayanagar during 1442 to 1445. . St Thomas . He is believed to be the first Christian saint to visit India in 52 A.D

  7. Women Rulers in India and Important Points

  8. Rani Rudramma 1259 1289 A.D Rani Rudrama Devi belonged to the Kakatiya dynasty on the Deccan Plateau . She was the daughter of King Ganapathideva who formally designated her as a son through the ancient P . . utrika ceremony and named her Rudradeva She succeeded her father when she was only fourteen years old She was married to Veerabhadra, Eastern Chalukyan prince of Nidadavolu She completed the Warangal Fort, begun by her father. Marcopolo, the Venetian traveller who paid a visit during her rule writes that she was a lover of justice, of equity and peace. .

  9. . Rani Durgawati 1524 - 1564 A.D. Rani Durgawati ruled over Gondwana from 1548 to 1564 on behalf of her son Bir Narayan after the death of Dalpat Shah the ruler of Gondwana Mughal Emperor Akbar attacked Gondwana in 1564 ' Rani Durgawati led the battle against the invading armiy but ultimately when her defeat became imminent she killed herself choosing death to dishonour

  10. . Chand Bibi 1550 1599 A.D . Also known as Chand Khatun or Chand Sultana. She was the daughter of Hussain Nizam Shah I of Ahmednagar . She was married to Sultan Adil Shah of Bijapur, who was murdered by his own men. . She acted as the Regent of Bijapur (1580-90) and Regent of Ahmednagar (1596-99) When Ahmednagar was invaded by the Mughals in 1595, she defended it successfully

  11. Rani Lakshmi Bai 1835 1858 A.D . Rani Laxmibai was born in Varanasi and named Manu . She was married to Gangadhar, the ruler of Jhansi in 1842 . When both her husband and her son died she adopted a child to make him the heir to the throne. . The then British Governor General Lord Dalhousie refused to recognise the adoption and ordered annexation of Jhansi. Rani Laxmibai joined other rulers who were rebelling against British rule. She was mortally wounded at Gwalior and died in June 1858