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Monetary Policy of India - Overview
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This is an overview about the newly established course Monetary policy of india. It contains the details about the course.

Surabhi Agrawal
Rank 358 UPSC 2018, Chartered accountant and company secretary with 4 All India ranks, passionate learner and above all a positive soul.

Unacademy user
what is the answer to last question?
Hi Akansha, You can see the solution at the end of next lesson. I have solved and elaborated it properly. Still, if some doubt persist, please ask. Thank you and happy learning . :)
Why commercial bank will buy/sell Government Securities if there is no incentive? Please clarify.
Surabhi Agrawal
6 months ago
Commercial banks are also governed by rules and regulations of RBI. So they habe to
Surabhi Agrawal
6 months ago
So they have to comply with SLR amd other rules. Also if they buy such securities they get interest
please dont stop teaching ma'am you teach very good.
congrats for clearing mains😊
Surabhi Agrawal
10 months ago
Thank you....:)
This is awesome surbhi. Keepit up. Do watch my courses too.. Looking forward more from you.
Surabhi Agrawal
2 years ago
thanks sumit.... i will definitely watch your awesome courses
Sumit Kapoor
2 years ago
Yeah surbhi, looking to hear from you about them.
thank u for overview
  1. Monetary Policy of India Overview Presented by Surabhi Agrawal

  2. About Myself 1. I am a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary. 2. Have secured 4 All India ranks while pursuing CA and CS 3. I have appeared for UPSC Mains 2017. 4. I love teaching and Public speaking

  3. Why Study Monetary Policy? 1. To understand the basic terms associated with Monetary Policy in India. 2. Various developments are taking place in the economy related to Monetary Policy like Monetary Policy Committee, Public Debt Management Agency, Inflation Targeting, Liquidity Trap, Negative Interest Rates, etc. 3. To increase Fiscal Prudence among Citizens

  4. What is monetary policy?

  5. Instruments of Monetary Policy Instruments/Tools Of Monetary Policy Tools of Monetary Policy Quantitative / Traditional Measures Qualitative / Selective Measures


  7. Difference between Monetary and Fiscal Policy Fiscal Vs Policy Monetary s

  8. Monetary Policy & Its Aspects Money supply Used as an effective tool to target economic growth. Rise/fall in general price level . Determines the total amount of currency floating in the economy. Affects the economic Used mainly to control growth of the country money supply s considered as a major factor for inflation and Growth Monetary Policy Tools Inflation & Growth