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Module 1: The Number System & Other Elementary Concepts.
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We talk about the course structure & what the students can expect out of this course.

Anupam Mishra
Batch of 2018 IIM Lucknow || Former Verbal & Quant Faculty || Loves Philosophy || Trekker || Enfield enthusiast || Powerlifter

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Thank you Sir for your vital information. I would appreciate if you could provide me your number. I'd like to add you. I'm lil weak in quants so would like to create a whatsapp group with few serious aspirants. here's my whatsapp no.:7086119133. Thank you.
where are rest of the modules of unit 1?
Anupam Mishra
2 days ago
Hey Sonali. Other modules haven't been uploaded yet. We started with Algebra then cause of learners' demand. But will add more modules in Numbers soon. 🙂
  1. The Concept Series (TCS) Quantitative Aptitude CAT 2018 Anupam Mishra IIM Lucknow

  2. Know your Educator O Batch of 2018 IIM Lucknow O CAT 2015-99.66 Overall (VA: 99.92, QA: 99.03) O Worked as Verbal as well as Quant Faculty at IMS, Career Launcher etc O Delivered 1500+ lectures over 2 years O 5 Letters of Recommendation in total across these institutes. ANUPAM MISHRA O #Enfield enthusiast. #loves traveling & meeting people.

  3. The Concept Series (TCS) Quantitative Aptitude CAT 2018 Anupam Mishra IIM Lucknow

  4. Quantitative Aptitude CAT-2018 Course Course 2 Course 3 The CONCEPT Series The P.Y.O Series The 15.10.05 Series

  5. T he Concept Series (TCS) UNIT 1: NUMBERS UNIT 4: GEOMETRY UNIT 2: ALGEBRA UNIT 3: ARITHMETIC UNIT 5: MODERN MATHS BUFFER UNIT 9 MODULES) MENSURATION Module 1: The Number System & Other Elementary Concepts Module 3: Module 2: Divisibility tules Factors Module 4: Module 5: Module 6: NCF, LCMo Facarials Cyclicity & Unit's digit. Remainders etc.) Module 7: Base Systems Module 8: Binomial Theorem Module 9: Miscellaneous Concepts

  6. C1.1 UNIT 1: NUMBERS MODULE 1: The Number System & other Elementary Concepts.

  7. So where do we stop? Diminishing Utility 100.00% 90.00% 80.00% 70.00% 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% Here. No. of Concepts

  8. Concept List for the session Examples (If necessary) Concept Explanations Concept Rating 2

  9. That's all folks! Kindly rate & review the course. And provide your valuable feedback. YOU CAN FIND ME AT Any questions Text or Comment.