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Modern History : Government of India Act, 1858.
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By watching this video anyone will know about Most important topic under Modern history : Government of India act 1858.

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sir last wala jo question hai Deshantar me Karmdharay nahi balki Dwand Samas hoga...... aur aap bahot achhe se explain karte hai question and answer ko......
mam khub porer gulo Kobe pabo mam
Ankita Podder
2 years ago
khub taratari.Thanks. Keep learning
  1. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ACT 1858 Ankita Podder

  2. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ACT 1858 o Started the new chapter in the constitutional development in India. o This Act known as the Act for the Good Government of India. o This act transferred the powers of government, territories and revenues to the British Crown from East India Company.

  3. BACKGROUND STUDY o Sepoy mutiny of 1857.

  4. COMPANY RULE CAME TO THE END o This act dissolve the company rule, dissolve the Court of directors and dissolve the Board of control. o Doctrine of Lapse was withdrawn. o Dual Government overthrow

  5. SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDIA o Lord Stanley was the first Secretary of state for o Crown will govern India directly by the help of o Council of India of the Secretary of the State o 7 of them were to be elected by the Court of India. Secretary of state for India. consisted of 15 members Directors and the rest of 8 members were to be appointed by the Crown.

  6. SIGNIFICANCE o Office of Viceroy introduced. o Lord canning became the first Viceroy of India. o Indian Gov ernment was to be managed and administered in England.

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