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Mock test part-5 (in Hindi)
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Free mock test

Vishwa Vivek Sharma
verified & star educator|| IIT-JEE NEET|| 5+ year experience|| hindi & English medium ||Chemistry || youtube- "Sharmaji education"

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your questions level is good ,but only my 13 questions is right ,how can do it my better performance , plz suggest sir.
before attempting mock test you should revised your chapter concepts... try this
  1. 42k views 4.8 2 Vishwa Vivek Sharma Educator since April 2017 chemical engineer |I IIT-JEE NEET Mentorll 5+ year experiencell chemistry guru| youtube- "Sharmaji education" 43 9.1k 8 Followers Following Courses Message

  2. INSTRUCTIONS Maximum T ime: 45 Minutes Total Marks: 120 1. This paper has 30 questions. 2. All questions are compulsory 3. Each question has four options, out of which ONLY ONE is correct. 4. Each question carries 4 marks. 5. The paper carries negative marking. 1 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. 6. Do your self evaluation and message your score with test number. Er.vishwa Vivek Sharma

  3. JEE MAINS & ADVANCE ONLINE TEST SERIES with DETAILED ANALYTICS By, Er. Vishwa Vivek Sharma Follow me for Advance Chemistry. Youtube- "Sharmaji education"

  4. Question-21 Areaction is A + BC+D. Initially we start with equal concentrations of A and B.At equilibrium we find the moles of C is two times that of A. What is the equilibrium constant of the reaction? ) 1/4 B) 12 C) 4 D) 2 Er.vishwa Vivek Sharma

  5. Question-22 For the reaction CO)+H20g)CO()H2(g) at a given temperature, the equilibrium amount of CO2(g) can be increased by A) adding a suitable catalyst C) decreasing the volume of the container D) increasing the amount of of CO9 B) adding an inert gas Er.vishwa Vivek Sharma

  6. Question-23 15 moles of H2 and 5.2 moles of l2 are mixed and allowed to attain equilibrium at 500 C.At equilibrium, the concentration of HI is found to be 10 moles. The equilibrium constant for the formation of HI is A) 50 C) 100 B) 15 D) 25 Er.vishwa Vivek Sharma

  7. Question-24 The yield of the products in the reaction, A2()+2B(9)C(g)+QkJ would be higher at A) high temperature B) high temperature C) low temperature D) low temperature and high temperature and low pressure and high pressure and low pressure Er.vishwa Vivek Sharma

  8. Question-25 1.6mol of PCls is placed in 4 dm3 closed vessel. When the temperature is raised to 500 K,it decomposes and at equilibrium 1.2mol of PCls9) remains. What is the Ke value for the decomposition of PCl5(g) to PCls(g) and Cl2 at 500K? A) 0.013 B) 0.050 C) 0.033 D) 0.067 Er.vishwa Vivek Sharma

  9. ong: 2-2 2. Kl the rection ACD melesef c 2 times ef Hu moles en So moles D = QHme.hd Hu molesef equilibium Cmstant eqlba a 2a 2q molo og a. a

  10. 8,22 CD) Catabyb ec asi ng dlhu volume PAssur has ino'Hect trechom by dhcrea Q 23 15 5.2 10 jo 2. Kc.uo)-- lo_ = So imperakue, geater would ba a yheld. assesus mole cules decreases the reachon on^ - -2 kp 2c x|(qq-2 ) '