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Mock test my way
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In this lesson Aman has explained how to take a mock test and which questions to choose and which questions not to choose.

Aman Srivastava is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aman Srivastava
Selected under Ministry of Defence,CGDA;Cleared UPSEE, debate enthusiast Edu: An engineer in electronics and communication from I.E.T luckn

Unacademy user
Aishwarya Saxena
2 years ago
Thank you
I want to speak fluently. so how ?
Aishwarya Saxena
2 years ago
you have to practice it
Where is the detailed solution of this mock test ?
Sir, maths ka course complete krne k baad bhi improvement niii dikh rh ques mock solve krte tym bhul ja rh hu..kaise kro plzz help me
it is waste exercize i could not open it
Sir , which is the best mock test series to learn new and conceptual questions ? Can I go with ? Please reply
  1. Solving A Mock! THE EXPERTS WAY

  2. | Secure ! https://www.yourclasses.iniearn/takeQuiz//40441?qid-1317846 Back General Intellig. General Quantitatlve Aptitude English Comprehens... Q.1 I Question 1 of 25 Anand bought a total of 30 white and brown pens for a total of 32 Rupees. The cost of each white pens is 70 paise more than cost of each brown pen. Which of the following represent a possible value of the cost of each brown pen (in paise)? 40 35 45 60

  3. Back General Intelligence... General Awareness Quantitative Aptitude English Comprehens... Q.2I Question 2 of 25 If x -(133 1433 1617), then x divided by 75 leaves a remainder of 74

  4. C 0erehttps:/ Back General Intelligence... General Awareness Quantitative Aptitude English Comprehens.. Q.3 | Question 3 of 25 Rice production in a country increased by 25% from 2000 to 2004. It increased by 20% on 2004 to 2008. Find percentage increase nn e production from 2000-2008, 50% 56.25% 75% 100%

  5. . Secure l < Back General Intelligence. General Awareness English Comprehens.. Q.4 I Question 4 of 25 in a provision store a packet of dal contains 20% less than labelled weight at it s sold to a customer at a discount of , Ho much mor, as e customers get, So that he gets the dal at rate he would have got, if the packet contained correct quantity & there was no discount? entageby weight shou the 10% 12.5% 25% 20%

  6. Back Quantitative Aptitude En English Comprehens... General Intelligence General Awareness Q.5 I Question 5 of 25 A laptop was sold at a profit of 15%. If it was sold at a price that was 10% lower, the profit would have been 1050, what is C.P of laptop? 21000 5000 42000

  7. CSecure 1317851 Back General Intelligence. I Lieneral Awareness English Comprehens.. Q.6 I Question 6 of 25 The difference between the amount to be repaid by a man at the end of two years, at 20% per annum compounded annually & half yearly, is 1084.50 What is principal? A 45000 50000 51,500 52,500

  8. CSecure Back General Intelligence. General Awareness Quantitative Aptitude English Comprehens... Q.7 | Question 7 of 25 In a 1200m race Ram beats Shayam by 300m. In same race, Shayam beats Tarun by 400m. Find the distance by which Ram beats Tarun? A200 400 600 300

  9. - Secure I Back General Intelligence. General Awareness Quantitative Aptitude English Comprehens.. Q.8 I Question 8 of 25 P can complete a job in 27 days. He starts it and after 3 days Q joins him. They work together for 6 days. P then leaves and R takes his place. Q and R complete the job in 12 more days. If Q takes at most 54 days to complete the job, in, then which of the following cannot be possible value of number of days taken by R to complete it? 36 O 34 40 38

  10. Secure ! z//40441?qid-1317854 Back General Intelligence General Awareness Quantitatlve Aptitude English Comprehens.. Q.9 I Question 9 of 25 Find the number of three digit numbers which are divisible neither by 2 nor by 3. A 150 300 400 450

  11. secure ! Back General Intelligence. General Awareness Quantitative Aptitude English Comprehens... Q.11 I Question 11 of 25 Two non-intersecting circles, one lying inside the other are of radi ry and ry andr and rIf the minimum distance between any two points on their circumference is S, then distances between their centers is- +12-S ri-12

  12. Secure | KBack General Intelligence.. General Awareness Quantitative Aptitude English Comprehens... Q.13 Question 13 of 25 The area of two adjacent faces of a cuboid are 60 cm2 and 40cm2. If the volume of the cuboid is 480cm3, then find the length of largest diagonal of the cuboid? 213 233 253