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Miscallaneous questions mostly asked in exams BANKS SSC AIRFORCE BY MAHIPAL SINGH
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Mostly questions asked in bank exams

Mahipal Singh
Graduate in B. Sc. Want to be a teacher

Unacademy user
Arpita mam,thanks a lot for your cources.You made me understand every key concepts.Like 1st i was notable to get the ncert language like defination of plain and plateau etc.But after i saw your cources i am now very clear about everything.i didnt knew about how to make notes manually.But aftr watching your courses I am now able to do that, exactly like you. Thnaks a lot mam.God bless you. And one more thing i would like to add upon that #YOUR VOICE is one of the factor that encourages me to see your videos -A 19 year old girl :)
Bhavika Gahlot
3 years ago
Sorry for some errors actually i was very excited to comment.(:
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
I can't tell what does this mean to me from a 19 year old girl, Bhavika. I feel blessed to read such comments and more than that I am glad that i could be of some help to a few people. Stay blessed and thanks a ton :)
Shivam Mishra
3 years ago
Maam please upload ncert courses of class 8,9,11,12 (geography)
Shivam Mishra
3 years ago
please upload courses of geography ncert of class 8,9,11,12
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
Shivam.. class8,9 and one book of 11 is already uploaded From my side on Unacademy's site..however the team has yet not uploaded it on plz refer them from Unacademy's site. And as of now, i am sorry to say but i won't b able to do class 12 n other book of 11
Pragya Tiwari
3 years ago
Arpita, as you are a graduate in History, could you please make videos on NCERT History as well? Your teaching and notes making is really good, many students would be benefited by this if you do.
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  2. 02) - of2 s- x 133.3

  3. D. 1st , P: ? 1 ( 0 Case M

  4. CP 131.25 -143-K.

  5. RA200 Ou orotlen. No oranges purchased =40x12 MG 480

  6. on selling? Cie 123X1 -113.4 2 61/ 134 1.4 13

  7. heah. Le inihal rate se 1 21 yn 21 2 (C

  8. uhon Huu byce SD rf Xpem Pice res 7 )

  9. Cp (2 G 2672

  10. SP 20 SP- 2 S

  11. 21 cid 2-0 2 S

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