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Minimum and Maximum Value
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A very important video where we learn to evaluate the maximum and minimum of the function by using Trigonometry instead of Calculus.

Sachin Rana
IIIrd Year UG, IIT Bombay | 115/120 in Maths in JEE Main (2016) | Cleared NSEA (Astronomy Olympiad) | YouTuber with over 49,000 subscribers.

Unacademy user
How would you approach this question, the expression Asin²x + Bsinxcosx + Ccos²x lies between?
Sir I solved last problem within 3 steps in different method and the way of your teaching liked me a lot. Thank you sir.
Bhaiya, in d last question, what wud hv been d minimum value of sinA.sinB? as there will be a domain of theta...
Sachin Rana
2 months ago
The minimum value will be -1/2 and the maximum value is 1/2.
  1. dit, enlculate the min. and mon 00099+ bgrnQ a+b

  2. We know 212 atb Thus

  3. ma and mui aol the n 2 Now

  4. 2 2 5

  5. ( ).ceas =) 2