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MCQs Set 1 (in Hindi)
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Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal
VERIFIED STAR EDUCATOR Professor Life Sc., Ph.D., NET, JRF, SRF, GATE. 21 Yrs Exp. Youtuber with 2 M views. Follow me for best explanation

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sir mla pdf format pahije aahet ... to ksa download krava
Durgesh Makwan
a year ago
khalil stepa follow kara . 1. update application 2. video bghtana Title bar war ⏬ down arrow la click kara .and download pdf file. its simple.. stay tuned for more course
sir all mcq neet paper se upload kijiye
sir plant physiology ke chapters ki theory bhi kara do nabplzzz
Very very Thank you sir. But in Q 10 yadi cell fully plasmolysed ha to DPD = OP +TP hona chaiea. Please...
Sir last answer isint it in fully turgid condition
  1. PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTIONS PRE-MEDICAL CLASS XI- CHAPTER - 11 CHAPTER-WISE Transport in Plants McQ SET -1 Dr. Praveen Kumar Agrawal M.Sc., Ph.D., CSIR NET (URF), SRF, GATE, FIAZ Important Practice MCQs for AllMS/NEET/JIPMER

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  3. 1. A cell under goes de-plasmolysis, if it is kept in (AIPMT 2004) (a) Hypertonic (b) Hypotonic (c) Alkaline solution (d) Acidic solution

  4. 2. Of the total water absorbed by the plant the active absorption is about : (BHU 1990, AIPMT 1995) (a) 95% (b) Less than 5% (c) 50% (d) 20%

  5. 3. The amount of water lost due to transpiration in a herbaceous plant is about: (RPMT 1999) (a) 20% (b) Less than 10% (c) 50% (d) More than 90%

  6. 4. Conversion of starch to organic acid is essential for stomatal (AMU 2006) (a) Closure (b) Opening (c) Initiation (d) Growth

  7. 5. The plants die due to wilting when : (AIPMT 1992, CET 1997) (a) Available light is reduced to half (b) Xylem is blocked (c) A few roots are broken (d) Phloem is blocked

  8. 6. Increase in the CO2 concentration inside the leaf would cause : (AMU 1992; CPMT 1994) (a) Closure of stomata (b) Opening of stomata (c) No effect on stomata (d) Widening of stomata

  9. 7. The rate of transpiration is measured by: (CPMT 1994, 05, 09, BHU 2005) (a) Potometer (b) Porometer (c) Osmometer (d) Transpirometer

  10. 8. Osmoscope is used for : (CPMT 1988, 95) (a) Measuring OP (b) Measuring TP (c) Measuring water potential (d) Demonstrating osmosis

  11. 10. Osmotic pressure is equal to DPD when : (AIPMT 1995) (a) The cell is fully turgid (b) The cell is fully plasmolysed (c) The cell is semi-turgid (d) The cell is kept in isotonic solution