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MCQ's On Animal Kingdom: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Set 1

Aprajita Shankhdhar
Loves teaching and tries to simplify teaching learning process as much as possible by my side NEET \ AIIMS \ CTET.

Unacademy user
You are an Eminent Educator on Unacademy.You have Edified us on various English Topic and now you have brought us an Eclectic Vocabulary show.This show has Emboldened us to prepare even more better in vocabs. Nobody can Ever Emulate such a great personality. Just keep it up.Thanks and hats off for all your Efforts in building our future.
I am sorry mam acha nhi Laga method Mai new learner hu.....Mai ab ye nhii kr skti....plzzz ho sake to plzzz mam ab aage previous method follow kro .plz plzzz.....I hope AAP aage se jo v chapter pe MCQ banao wo phle wala method ho ....Q ki Mai bs AAP Ko follow krti hu...Q aapka teaching way understanding power bht bht hi please plzzzz.... continue previous method
ok , I will try to go with what maximum no of learner's wants.
Previous wala method sahi tha...
ok...I will try to follow that pattern which most of u you :)
Somi Shahin
9 months ago
mouly is right previous method bilkul right tha ye wrong h
9 months ago
Thanks somi..
ye method bilkul sahi nahi h....kuch samaz nhi aata....
  1. MCQ'S: Animal Kingdom By : Aprajita shankhdhar

  2. 1.Animals/organisms floating on the surface of water are .a) plankton (b) pelagic . (c) benthos (d) neritic.

  3. 2.Silk thread is obtained from silk moth during (a) pupal stage . (b) larval stage .(c) nymph stage .(d) adult stage.

  4. 3.Fish which can be used in biological control of mosquitoes/Larvicidal fish is (a) Eel . (b) carp (c) cat fish .(d) Gambusia

  5. 4.Jelly fish belongs to class .a) hydrozoa (b) scyphozoa (c) anthozoa . (d) none of these

  6. S.A Chordate character iS (a) gills . (b) spiracles .(c) post-anal tail .(d) chitinous exoskeleton

  7. 6.Eutherians are characterised by (a) hairy skin . (b) true placentation (c) ovoviviparity (d) glandular skin

  8. '1. (a): Plankton are minute pelagic organisms that drift or float passively with the current in a sea or lake Plankton includes many microscopic organisms, such as algae, protozoans, various animal larvae, and some worms. Pelagic are the organisms that swim or drift in a sea or a lake. Benthos consists of flora and fauna occurring on the bottom of a sea or lake. Neritic zone is the region of the sea over the continental shelf, which is less than 200 metres deep

  9. .2. (a): The mulberry silk moth has been the most commercially important beneficial insect. . The silk is obtained by killing the pupa inside the hot water.Then, the silk thread is wound The silkworms hatched from the eggs of the silk moth. These silkworms feed on fresh mulberry leaves the silkworm grows in size and then becomes a pupa. In the pupa stage, it weaves a net to hold itself. It then swings its head from side to side, secreting a fibre that hardens on contact with air. In pupa stage silk is obtained.

  10. .3.(d): Gambusia is a species of freshwater fish. It is remarkably hardy, surviving in waters of very low oxygen saturations, high salinities and high temperatures. For these reasons, this species may now be the most widespread freshwater fish in the world having being introduced as a biocontrol in certain countries to control mosquitoes. It feeds on larval and pupal stages of mosquitoes.

  11. 5. (c): The diagnostic characters of chordates are notochord. dorsal hollow nerve cord, pharyngeal slits and post anal tail. Tail is the part of the body behind the cloacal or anal opening. It contains skeletal elements, muscles, blood vessels and nerves but no viscera. It provides much of propulsive force in aquatic species. The tail is reduced or absent in the adults of some chordates.

  12. Phylum Class Subclass - Hydrozoa Scyphozoa Cubozoa Anthozoa ( Octocorallia/ Alcyonaria Hexacorallia/ Zoantharia