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Mcq's for Solar System ( Part-3 )
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In this lesson we discussed about the important mcq for Solar System. So please watch the lesson and rate review and share and comment also if you have any doubt. Thanks 😃

Navdeep Singh Ranawat is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navdeep Singh Ranawat
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10/10 in 2nd attempt.
Ravinder Jee 🙂 this is best performance ever. I am very happy with your dedication. my best wishes is always with you
in sun nulear fusion takes place. total score 7
Hey Zing 🙂 happy with your efforts. you are doing well, try for excellent. keep it up and ask me if you have any doubt. 🙂
keep it up Ravinder Jee 🙂
sir u said corona is shown at the time of solar eclipse but in google chromosphere is the answer
Hello Adil jee 🙂 During total eclipse only corona will be visible. The outermost layer Corona is not visible during normal time. It is visible only when Moon hides the Sun, at that we can see the corona.
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  2. "Mcg's For Soal System" Presented By - Kunwar Navdeep Singh

  3. 1.Minimum average distance of Sun from Earth IS is A. 150 million kilometers B. 250 million kilometers C. 350 million kilometers D. 450 million kilometers

  4. 2. Astronomical Unit is for difference betweern A. Sun and Earth B. Sun and Moon C. Sun and Neptune D. Sun and Mercury

  5. 3.Laws of planetary motion discovered by A: Galiledo B: Copernicus C: Kepler D Newton

  6. 4. W hat is the approximately temperature of the Photosphere of sun - A. 50000 degree Celsius B. 5000 degree Celsius C. 5500 degree Celsius D. 10000 degree Celsius

  7. 5. According to National Solar Observatory chromosphere appears Red because the presence of A. Hydrogen B. Helium C. Red Oxide D. Carbon dioxide

  8. 6.When was Sun born? A. Roughly 4.6 billion years ago. B. Roughly 5.6 billion years ago. C. Roughly 3.2 billion years ago. D. Roughly 5.8 billion years ago.

  9. 7.Which planet has the most volcanoes? A. Mercury B. Mars C. Earth D. venusS