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MCQs based on Biology (Set - 1)
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MCQs based on Biology ( Set - 1)

Sony Mishra
Qualified as Manager in urban development deptt ,MBA graduate, photography,travelling, reading .

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Thanks Sr for providing this informative content.
  1. MCQs based on Biology SET-1 By Sony

  2. Q 1.Which of the following organelles are called Police Force of the Human body? A)Red blood Cells B) White Blood Cells (leucocytes) C) Ribosomes D) Thrombocytes

  3. Answer B)White Blood Cell (leucocytes)

  4. Q 2.EUGLENA, a microscopic organism comes in which of the following categories? A) Monera B) Protista C) Animalia D) Plantae

  5. Answer B) Protista

  6. Q 3.Which of the following flowering plants completes its life cycle in every two years? A) Mustard B) Sunflower C) Ginger D) Carrot

  7. Answer D) Carrot

  8. Q 4.These roots grow in marshy places ad are also called breathing roots. They come out as vertical outgrowths from the ground and grow into the air to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere through their numerous pores. Which types are described in the above lines? A) Epiphytic roots B) Stilt roots C) Pneumatophores D) Assimilatory roots

  9. Answer C) Pneumatophores

  10. Q 5. What is "Velamen"? A) Sucking Tissue B) Spongy tissue C) Connective Tissue D) Breathing tissue

  11. Answer B) A,D,E,K are fat soluble vitamins Vitamin B and C are water soluble.